Passionate Things to Do in Bolivia

6 Dicembre 2022 By federico 0

For enthusiasts looking for a place where they can reconnect with each other, Bolivia is an excellent destination. From glamping on the salt apartments to having a boat head to about Lake Titicaca, there are many affectionate things to do in Bolivia that will make your stay one beneath the thick forget.

Uyuni Sodium Condominiums

Located in the north of the country, Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Houses are a must-visit attraction for almost any couple. You and your partner can spend the day going through the salt flats, glamping in dome tents, hiking, or perhaps camping. After you’ve spent per day of adventure, you can rest at a luxury holiday resort.


The town of Samaipata is another great place intended for couples to rekindle all their romance. Is actually known for its luxurious pure greenery and outstanding waterfalls, and also its friendly occupants.

Witches’ Market

The Witches’ Market in La Tregua is normally a great place to shop just for dried up frogs and chance comprimé. The stores are furnished with beautiful home decor, and there are lots of small distributors selling specific collectibles.

Atolón delete Sol

If you’re looking for a romantic place in Republic of republic of bolivia, you might want to consider heading to Isla delete Sol, the mystical Inca site situated over a tranquil pond. You and your partner might take a boat trip on the pond, and you can also relish a sunset over the water.

Countrywide Leisure areas

For people who like the outdoors, a trip to Bolivia’s nationally parks will be a must-have. You can visit the Sajama State Park your car, which is home to hundreds of species of animals.